Monday, March 7, 2011

New Flavours to Natto!

When it comes to developing new products, which often leads to new trends, Japanese do it well! This time Oyayo Natto, one of the leading Natto (fermented soy beans, traditionally eaten with a bowl of rice ) companies in Japan has produced a range of natto flavoured with curry and other spices & sauces!

Born & raised in Japan, I have been eating natto my whole life, but never have dreamed about natto flavoured with curry, ginger or sesame chilli oil!

Well it's totally up to you how you enjoy these food creation using "unthinkable" combinations of very different ingredients.

Girls at Go Go Mart have already tried some of the new flavours, and described them as "new taste sensation" - and admit they actually taste very good!!

Have a nice day!

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